FrutnHerb is one of a kind drink

FrutnHerb is one of a kind drink blended with the goodness of Aloe Vera pulp juice and the tantalizing taste of fruits.

The incredible Aloe Vera

The incredible Aloe Vera needs no introduction. The vitamins, amino acids and minerals makes it one of the healthiest herb on planet.

Delicious fruits

Imagine if you get all its health benefits with a twist of delicious fruits in it. Yes, we are talking about the incredible combination of taste & health in FRUT N HERB Aloe Vera juice.

delectable concoction of taste and health

We promise, this delectable concoction of taste and health will give you many reasons to quench your thirst in the most delicious way.

open, savour & relish

So, open, savour & relish its goodness & bring a swell of refreshing sensation to your mind and body.


FRUTnHERB fruit juice is quickly absorbed into the body, thus more effectively quenching thirst in contrast with other beverages that often make you even thirstier after drinking.


FrutnHerb vitamin drink is introduced in a very sleek & soothing coloured bottles. It has a unique shape & size which makes it stand out among other juice bottles. The major portion in white talks about the incredible health benefits of Aloe Vera pulp & the soft hues of fresh fruits describe its tasty & playful side. FrutnHerb fruit juice is definitely a drink to open, savour & relish the taste of TWO GOOD health.